Imported Database

View imported database schema

View the imported database schema

If you click the Database button below the input field you can see the imported database schema. If you have imported your database schema with either CSV, Connect or Manual you can see the tables and columns. This is a great tool to check which tables and columns exist in your database schema. You can also exclude specific tables to use to generate the SQL query, e.g. views or stored_procedures or irrelevant tables.

Tip: Some vendors include various "_system" or other tables that are irrelevant when generating the SQL queries, it is recommended to exclude these tables.

By typing / (slash) in the question input you can see a list of tables and columns in the active database schema. It is a searchable popup so you can quickly find the table or column that you are looking for. If you click or press enter on a table or column it will be inserted into the input field (this can be used if you really want to draw particular strong attention to a table or column):

Searchable table and column autosuggest